Course Profile:MCM137


2. Course Number: MCM:137, Spring Semester, 2003

3. Credit Hours: 4 - Meets 6 PM till 9:20 PM on Mondays beginning January 13, 2003. Meets in Forest Park Room G-412.

4. Course Description:

Students will work with digital type and text, graphics, photographs, video, and sound using current authoring software (Macromedia Director 8.5) to produce computer and Web hosted multimedia. In the process students will learn to incorporate the various hardware and software tools required, as well as best practices in a production environment. Attention will be devoted to various multimedia delivery options including compact disc (CD-Rom) and the World Wide Web.

5. Course Requirements

ISBN: 0201709201

Text/CD: Director 8 Demystified by Jason Roberts/Phil Gross. PeachPit Press/Macromedia Press 2000. Available in the FP campus bookstore.



6. Learning Objectives (goals):

7. Expected Performance Outcomes (measurable):

8. Minimum Course Requirements

Instructor Contact info: Anthony Foster <>

Voicemail : 314-595-2060. Please leave a message by phone or e-mail (better) if you cannot attend class.

All students registered in this class have the option of using the computers in the Campus Computing Center Room D-300 (no Director there) and this room (G-412). Hours are posted on the door of G-412.

Office hours: via the web- I will get back to e-mail queries within 48 hours and usually much more quickly unless I tell you otherwise.

Need a demo copy of Director? check out I recommend a version of 8.5 to insure compatibiity with the Lab machines.

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