to a site created to commemorate the 200th birthday of Bullitt County, Kentucky...

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First, a disclaimer...

Bullitt County, Kentucky was officially formed from Jefferson and Nelson Counties on December 13, 1796.

My family first came to the area before Bullitt actually became a county. The site is composed of historical material I have collected since the last celebration of its kind, the tri-quarti-centennial of 1971. It's contents reflects my heritage, and is not meant to be representative of everyones' experiences.

The site is graphics intensive at points, but I have tried to make sure it's accessible to all. It has not been tested on a 14.4 modem, so enter at your own risk by clicking here.


Another disclaimer: The site was put together from research I have done over the years. In every case where possible, attributions were made and permissions obtained to use the material, from the Filson Club to individuals who contributed. Some pages are from a 1971 publication of the Bullitt County Historical Commission which to my knowledge was created (the Commission) for the 1971 Tri- Quarti Centenniel and no longer exists. The original booklet contains no copyright or author info to appeal to. I had tried to track down someone for permission and was told that the info in question was paid for by tax monies and therefore would be public property. I have done some editing and additions to various pages that came from this source, but a copy of the original can be found at the Ridgway Memorial Library in Shepherdsville.