Songs found while transcribing tapes- These are from a road trip in June 2006, q very productive time spirituallyÖAF




Hallelujah, Your Glory We Declare


Hallelujah, the beginning and the end

Hallelujah, on your grace we shall depend

Lord your Glory we declare

And this Holy Hallelujah we shall share


Hallelujah - we give you all the praise

Hallelujah- Our sovereign savior saves

Hallelujah, The Lord in Greatness reigns

His righteous rule forevermore remains


Hallelu- Yahweh

Hallelu- Yahweh

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelu- Yahweh

Hallelu- Yahweh.


The Lord shall reign in holiness

The Lord shall be our guide

The Lord will reign in righteousness

In Christ we shall abide

And He shall sanctify our soul each day

In Christ we find the Truth, the Life, the Way.


And becoming who weíre made to be -We shall be made like Him

Conformed unto His image as on Him we depend

He transforms us as we learn to trust

As in His Spirit we move and live

For the new life is the true life that He givesÖ


Anthony Foster

June 2006


Praise the Lord all the Earth


All you nations

Give Him due honor for His worth

In joyful celebration

You have received Him

Now just Believe Him

For all that you are

Donít try to outguess Him

As you confess Him

And come to bless Him in all that you are.

Arise and see the risen King

Arise and see

Arise and see

The graves of saints have opened up

So they may see His light

They came to the city

And sttod before our sight.


Anthony Foster

June 2006




Bless the Lord Oh my Soul

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

From age to age the same

Bless the Lord, oh my soul

And all that is within me

Bless His Holy Name

And all that is within me

Bless His Holy Name


Bless the Lord, oh my soul

Praise Him all creation

All you creatures here below

Bless the Lord, oh my soul

Praise Him from whom all blessings flow

Praise Him you heavenly hosts every One

Praise the Father, Praise the Spirit, Praise the Son!


Anthony Foster

June 2006


The Heart of the Holy One


Who can know the mind of the Lord?

His ways are beyond our ways

Who can his mighty acts fully record?
Or see all the acts He has displayed

We shall not fully know Him

Nor fully comprehend

The heights and lengths and depths and breadth

Of the Most High Holy One.


Our knowledge is still True

For True knowledge is due

To the fact that by His love

He gave His Word and gave His Son


So now we can know

The Heart of the Holy One

For He chose to show

How His will can be done

In His perfect Word it is revealed

We see in His perfect Son

That this is life- To know the Holy One.


The Heart of the Holy One

It now has been revealed

In righteousness and Truth

By His Spirit it is sealed

The Heart of the Holy One

Is for our lives to bear much fruit

So we must seek His Passionate pursuit.


Anthony Foster

June 2006


Just Trust


We must just trust in the name of the Lord

We must just trust in the power of His Word

He is able to make us Just

We must Just trust ñ held fast forever in his hand

According to His plan

We must Just trust.


All around us we can see the power of His might

And if we will look within His word

He gives us newfound sight

And though we may not comprehend

The beginning from the end

We know the one who made us right

Will surely make is last

We must Just trust in the One Creator


June 2006

Anthony Foster




Iím naked before You

Laid bare in my iniquity

We are depraved in all we do

You are faithful and true.


In confession, faithful and just

So forgive our sin so we can begin

To see the Righteousness of Christ

Within us.


Lord forgive our sins as we forgive

Those who transgress against us so we can live

Forgiven and free and spotless to stand

Before your throne

Where we shall stand by the power of the blood alone!


In confession

His blood we shall plead

In confession, we acknowledge our need

We have all fallen short of the glory of God

And inÝ our confession He sets things straight

So confession must come before its too lateÖ


Anthony Foster

June 2006



Glorious, Awesome God


You are mighty, You are Holy

Glorious, Awesome God


You are righteous, you are worthy

Glorious, Awesome God


Awesome God, Awesome God,

Lord of Hosts is still your name oh,

Glorious, Awesome God

You are age to age the same, oh,

Glorious, Awesome God

Awesome God, Awesome God,

You are glorious, all victorious,

Glorious Awesome God!


You are faithful, true forever

Shedding your glory on the Earth

Though All creation cannot measure

We marvel at your matchless worth.


Awesome God, Awesome God,

Your lovingkindness never ends

Glorious Awesome God.

We shall never comprehend our

Glorious Awesome God

Now we know no other name

Glorious Awesome God

So our Jesus we proclaim as

Glorious Awesome God



Anthony Foster

June 2006






Lord we will depend on You



Lord we will depend on You

We will depend on You

You alone are faithful and True

Lord, we will depend on You.


There is no other friend like Jesus

Who sees us through to the end

And there is no other friend like Jesus

On whom we can fully depend

For this world is full of faithlessness

And in the time of our distress

Where can we turn,

Where can we hide?

We can run to Jesusí side


For He has not moved

He is not far away

He dwells in believers every day

So cast your cares upon Him

He will listen as you pray

Faithful and true, he will carry you through

For Jesus is the Way


June 2006

Anthony Foster



Invisible Hand.


I will see with my heart and my spirit will fly

I will hear with my heart and respond in my soul

My flesh and my bodyÝ will walk step by step

Lord with You in control, Lord with You in control


Step by Step you will lead

When I canít see the Way

When I pace with your Spirit

For all of my days

I will follow Your Word

When I do not Understand

And Iíll hold tight

To your Invisible Hand.


We bear Your image

You are revealed in us

Youíve given us a vision

And a holy trust

To walk where you walk

And to shine in your light

When we walk by faithí

And not by sight.


In the light of the unseen

We will know as we are known

By the One who indwells us

So Godís glory may be shown.


As step by step we follow

You never falter, never fall

Though we may not see clearly

We can surely hear your call.


Anthony Foster

June 2006


Oh Wondrous Lord


Weíre amazed at your infinite power

Overlooking the world from your strong tower

At your side we wait every hour

Oh Wondrous Lord


You are in through and to all things

So unto your our song we sing

As beneath your sheltering wings we would abide.

Oh Wondrous Lord


You are with us in all of our aims

You are for usÝ and all of our gains

You abide and forever remain

Oh Wondrous Lord


So all praise we would give unto you

You are worthy to give honor to

By your promise this grace has come through

Oh Wondrous Lord


Oh Wondrous Lord. Almighty King

Worthy, adored and above everything

Oh wondrous Lord within you we hide

We will find refuge and we will abide


Anthony Foster

June 2006



Ten thousand times Ten thousand


Ten thousand tongues to sing

Ten thousand songs to bring

Ten thousand angels wing their flight across the sky

Ten thousand silent prayers

Ten thousand hopes and cares

Cast down before the throne of paradise

And Ten thousand times Ten thousand years

Youíll hear our holy criesÖ


If a day is like a thousand years

Then what are all my days?

And if I should shed Ten thousand tears

You shall turn my song to praise

I know you count the hairs upon my head

You know the moment Iíll be dead

And you know my every doubt

But without measure

You give me this treasure

And there is no more accounting against me of my sin


Without measure and for your good pleasure

I find mercy overflowing from this one eternal fount

World without end-Forevermore you send

A never-ending story where you shed abroad your glory

Beyond the lengths and depths and heights weíll never comprehend

Word without end!

Amen and Amen


Anthony Foster

June 2006




Turn it Around Lord


Let the weak say ìI am strongî

Let the poor say ìI have wealthî

Let the blind say ìI can seeî

Let the sick say ìI have healthî

Let the mourner laugh out loud

Let the prisoner be set free

Let the doubter no longer doubt

Let the loser gain the victory.



Let the dead say,îIíll ariseî

Taking captive captivity

Let the fool say ìI am wiseî

And dumb say ìListen to me!î

Let the thief no longer steal

Let the fearful become brave

Give the apathetic zeal

And the lost will become saved.


So turn it around Lord-Turn it upside down

What the world deems foolish-You have said is sound

Living life outside the box Lord-Is filled with paradox Lord

Give us understanding, make us wise-And open up our eyes!


Oh redeemer change this Earth

We are ruined and full of flaws

Till all will see your matchless worth

Seek and find every lost c

Give us grace to rearrange

Oh Redeemer fill our grave

With the power to live and change!


Anthony Foster

June 2006


Lord, Have Mercy


Lord, Have Mercy, give us grace

We are hungry and weíre thirsty

As we come into this place

Lord, Have Mercy, give us peace

We get caught up in this world but Lord,

We long to be released

Lord, Have Mercy-Lord, Have Mercy


Lord forgive us and pardon our iniquities

Give us life so we might live by your mercies

As you intercede

On the road we bleed

We are destitute and desperate

But you have all we need

Lord have mercy-Lord have mercy.


Lord have mercy- We confess

We, your blood bought saints have turned away

And our idols we have blessed

Lord have mercy-Lord have mercy


For all mercy flows from your holy mercy seat

Where we find propitiation

And atonement is complete

Lord have mercy

Lord have mercy

Lord have mercy

Lord have mercy


Lord have mercy Lord restore

The fire that we once had within

Rekindle our cold core

Lord have mercy, give us grace

For thereís nothing more we need in life

Than to see you face to face

So Lord have mercy

Lord have mercy

Lord have mercy

Lord have mercy


Anthony Foster

June 2006