Publications of interest to Christians in the Arts

Compiled by Anthony Foster
For addresses, check with local library.

Walford, John (Art History prof. at Wheaton College) Art and the Christian Today. occasional papers, Messiah College, #9 1985 - He is working on a college textbook on art history.

Barker, Nicholas. Christian's Responsibilities in the Arts. paper presented for tenure, Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Tn. October 1969- short , straightforward overview of the issues.

Motive -no longer published - full of helpful articles- liturgical standpoint.Nov. 1956 issue helpful.

ARTS- Arts in Religious and Theological Studies (strange brew of ecumenism and helpful articles)
3000 Fifth St. NW
New Brighton, MN 55112
(10.00 a year for three issues)

Radix- Some good and some of questionable value.
P.O. Box 4307
Berkeley, CA 94702

Christianity Today- good source for staying up to date in your world view.

Journal of the Grace Theological Society- bi-annual journal each issue has at least one article of pertinance to artists.

Chroniques d'Art Sacre-Liturgical church arts (if you have French)

Cross currents- from time to time has intellectual articles of help. marginal,IMHO. Check out Spring 1993 issue as well as winter 88-89 and winter 1960.

First Things- a Journal of Religion and Public Life. Solid evangelical POV. not all articles of equal help.

Faith and Form- Journal of the Interfaith Forum on Religious Art and Architecture -ecumenical and liberal

Arts Magazine - IMHO, one of the few clearly written secular arts magazines.

Reformed Journal
255 Jefferson Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

The Christian Scholar's Review
c/o Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


National and international networking organizations for Christans in the arts:

Artists in Christian Testimony (ACTS)- Missions by artists, quarterly newsletter,performances workshops, mailing list 3000 ; founded 1973; P O Box 1002 , Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-1002 ; PH 909/987-3274

Associates in Media- Media and entertainment, primarily West Coast; newsletter; monthly meetings, retreats; mailing list 250; founded 1986 ; P O Box 2014, Burbank, CA 91507-2014; PH- 818/5581025

Catholic Artists of America- visual arts; quarterly newsletter, classes; founded 1955 ; Maria Regina Hall,
Molloy College, 100 Hempstead Avenue, Rockville Center, NY 11571-5002; PH 516/a8-5000

Christian artists Europe- Multidisciplinary, music-oriented;monthly magazine,directory, annual conference , concerts; mailing list1500; founded1981; PO Box 81055, Rotterdam 3009GB,Netherlands ; PH-011-31-10/456- 8688 ; fax 011-31-10/456-9022

Christian Performing Artists Fellowship- Classical music and ballet; semi-annual newsletter, directory, quarterly professional performances; mailing list 250; founded 1984 ;10523 Main Street , Suite 31, Fairfax, VA 22180;PH 703/385-2723

Christians in the Arts Networking, Inc. (CAN) -Multidisciplinary networking service; quarterly nevsletter, directory; mailing list 2500; founded1986; P O Box 242, Arlington, MA 02174-0003; PH-617/61541

Christians in the Theatre Arts (CITA)- bimonthly newsletter, magazine , directory, annual conference mailing list, 550 ; founded 1989; P O Box 26471, Greenville, SC 29616; PH- 803/271-2116

Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA)- Trimonthly newsletter, directory, biennial conference ; mailing list1,000; founded1979; PO Box 18117,Minneapolis, MN 55418-0017; PH 612/378-0606; (This one grew out of Christians who were members if the College Art Association who wanted something beyond the standard academic fare offerred by CAA.)

Fellowship of Artists for Christian Evangelism(FACE)- Multidisciplinary; missions training for artists; quarterly newsletter, monthly updates, performances; MA in Arts Missions, summer institute; mailing list 1,000 founded 1973; 1605 Elizabeth Street, Pasadena, CA 91104; PH- 818/398-2445

International Christian Dance Fellowship (ICDF)- with USA chapters, annual conference; semiannual newslet-
ter, prayer letter, directory; mailing list 250; founded1988 ; 11 Amaroo Crescent,Mosman,NSW 2088, Australia ; Ph- 01141-2-960-1510; fax 011-241-969-1157

International Christian Media Commission(ICMC)- Media and the arts, cross cultural communication ; quarterly magazine, annual conference; mailing list, 850; founded 1986; P O Box 70632, Seattle, WA 98107; Ph- 206/781-0461

National association of Pastoral Musicians -Liturgical music; performances, bimonthly newsletter and magazine, directory; mailing list, 7,400 ; founded 1976 (supersedes National Catholic Music Educators Association, founded 1942) ; 225 Sheridan Street NW, Washington, DC 20011; Ph- 202/732-5800

UpstreamArts Fellowship-Multidisciplinary; monthly newsletter, monthly meeting, performances; mailing list, 150; founded 1992; 375 Colville Blvd, London ON N6K 2J4 Canada; Ph- 519/641-8943

Artists in Christian Testimony (ACT)- Missions by Artists; newsletter; performances;workshops; mailing list, 3000;founded 1973; P.O.Box 1002, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-1002; PH 909-987-3274

Associates in Media- Media and entertainment, primarily West Coast;newsletter;monthly meetings, retreats; mailing list 250; founded 1986; P. O. Box2014, Burbank, CA 91507-2014; PH 818-558-4025

Catholic Artists of America- Visual Arts; newsletter; classes; founded 1955; Maria Regina Hall, Molloy College, 100 Hempstead Avenue, Rockville Center, NY 11571-5002; PH 516-678-5000

Summer Conferences at Rose Hill House of Studies (Anglican)
P. O. Box 3126, Aiken, S. C.29806

L'Abri Conferences (Interdenominational)
Francis Schaeffer Institute
Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO 63811

1398 L. St. NW
Washington, DC 20005