Articles and essays on the Arts

1. Couturier's Vision - Joanna Weber- Faith and Form, Spring 1990:38-41.

2. Creative Arts and Christian Renewal- the Critic,Aug-Sept 1967:11-55
Sex, Symbolism and Modern Literature
The Artist As Communicator
The Tension between Art and Faith
Making Christianity relevant through the Arts The Hand of the Creator
An Artist Hits Back

3. Contrasts: The Arts and Religion - Alec Robertson. SCM Press Ltd: London 1947.

4. Art and Religion: Faith, Form and Reform- 1984 Paine Lectures on Religion. Thomas F. Mathews, John W. Cook, Jonathan Brown. University of Missouri- Columbia, 1986.

5. Michaelangelo - from the Critic. Spring 1976:13-29.

6. Monks Pond and the Slough of Despond - Madeline De Frees. The Critic ---2-14.

7. Alas, the State of Religious Art - John Deedy interviews John Manship ---44-53.

8. An Unlikely Christian Art by Jean Morman Unsworth; the Critic. Spring 1991:38-48.

9. Art and the Changing World - Dorothea Blom. Pendle Hill Pamphlets#183. Wallingford, Pa. Pendle Hill Publication, 1972

10. Art, Imagery and the Mythic Process - Dorothea Blom. Pendle Hill Pamphlets#215.Wallingford, Pa. Pendle Hill Publication, 1977.

11. Langer, Susanne Katherina Knauth. Reflections on art : a source book of writings by artists, critics, and philosophers. excerpt:Time in the Plastic Arts - Etienne Souriau. New York : Oxford University Press, 1961.

12. Shakespeare, the Bible and Grace - Arthur Farstad. Journal of the
Grace Evangelical Society, Spring,1991:47-63.

13. Jesus and Emily - the Biblical roots of Emily Dickenson's Poetry - Arthur Farstad.Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society, Fll,1992:45-57.

14. The New Transcendance - Francine Koslow Miller. from Faith and Form, Fall 1992:22-23.

15. Proclaim the Mystery. article from Faith and Form, Fall 1992:25-26.

Articles from FAITH AND FORM:

1. Twentieth century patrons of the spiritual in Art-
Diane Apostolos-Cappadona. Sp. 1991:19-21
2.Where Art and Faith Meet- Roger Hazelton. Sp.1980:7-9
3. Art in the Secular Community- Bartlett Hayes, Jr. F 1980:26-29.
4. Art and Architecture in the religious community- John Dillenberger.
F 1980:30-34
5. The Architect as Theologian- Rev. F. Thomas Trotter. Sp 1978:10-11.
6. Religion and the sensibilities of the artist- John Dillenberger. Sp.1979:
7. Religious Art Awards 1976. F 1976
8. Stained Glass: a Dialogue. April 1968:12-14
9. The Traditional and the Novel: a Creative Tension- Roger Ortmayer. ?
10. His Works reflected in Many Ways- Una Hanbury. Jan.1969:15-19
11. Symposium: the Future Role of Art and Architecture in an increasingly secular World- Rev. Henry Gracz. Sp 1972:18-20
12. 1972 Religious Arts jury. F 1972
13. Return of the Artist- Susan Glyn. Sp 1974
14. 1974 Religious Arts Exhibition. F 1974.
15. Art in Architecture: Synthesis, Juxtaposition, Integration-
Kenneth von Roemm. F 1983:6-10.
16. Kitsch in Art and Ritual- Edward Robinson. F 1984:21-23.
17. Believing is Seeing- Robert E. Rambusch. Sp.1985:12-13.
18. Art and Liturgy: Cooperation or Contradiction? -Margaret R. Miles.
Sp 1986:10-12
19. The Reassertion of the Spiritual- Terrence E. Dempsey, S.J. Sp 1987:17-19.
20. Contemporary Sculpture as a Liturgical Art Form- Jeanne Rymer.
F 1986:16-18.
21. The Spiritual in Art- Jane Dillenberger. F 1987:18-20.
22. Commonplace images and extraordinary meaning- Richard A.
Underwood( a review of Art and Architecture by Paul Tillich).
F 1988:38-39
23. What Art is suitable for Liturgy?- G. Thomas Ryan.F 1986:14-15.
24. Calvin, Architecture and the Reformed Tradition. Sp.1986:34-36.

Miscellaneous Arts articles from various sources

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Articles from RADIX

1. Christians in a post modern world- Os Guiness Vol.2
2. Message art versus Art for Art's Sake- Jeffrey Hill. March /April 1981, p.29
3. Christians in the Visual Arts- Jeff Roy. Sept/ Oct 1980, pp.17-18
4. Creativity and the Christian Artist- William Dyrness. March/April 1982, 18-20
5. Crying for a vision: Modern Art and the Christian Artist- Steve Scott. ?
6. Art, Action and Revival- David Fetcho. Summer 1985 p.16
7. Interview with Leland Ryken on Art Creativity and Grace- Peter Crescenti. Sept./Oct 1983
8. Creativity, Freedom and the Gospel- David Millikan. Vol.18/2 p. 3
9. Interview with David Millikan Vol 18/2, pp. 4-7.
10. the Dark Side of Horror Movies and the Christian-Woody Minor. Vol.18/2, pp. 8-11.
11. Art, Missions and Incarnation- Steve Scott. Vol.18/2. pp. 12.
12. The Spiritual in Art- Laurel Gasque. vol.18/2. pp. 22-23.
13. Learning to Believe again: artists talk about their art and their Faith. Vol.21/2 (Jubal)
14. I'm too busy to read Poetry- interview with Eugene Peterson. Vol. 19
15. Is there such a thing as Sacred Space?- David Fetcho. Vol 20/2.
16. Imagery:Seeing the Unseeable- Luci Shaw. Sept/Oct. 1981
17. Eric Gill: a Centenary Remembrance- Laurel Gasque. Vol. 13/5. pp. 3-8